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The Simmons Advantage
The Simmons Advantage is a management consulting company that will assist in the execution of achieving your goals by equipping your organization to truly be accountable to every person by cultivating a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture
Job skills training for adults with disabilities Michigan.
The mission of The Simmons Advantage is to create dynamic learning experiences that transform into opportunity breakthroughs.

About The Simmons Advantage
We are guided by our lens for equity and driven by a desire to build organizational capacity

Our business management consulting company was founded by Kwame Simmons, Sr., a nationally recognized educator with over 20 years experience working in districts and leading schools in need of transformation. It was the rollercoaster of experiences in schools that motivated Simmons to research how business models have solved similar challenges. He quickly realized what he was facing, in leading school transformation, was an adaptive challenge that transcends industries.

This acute understanding of how challenges manifest in organizations has led to the development of The Simmons Advantage.

We believe that every employee within a business, especially those with disabilities, deserves the best chance to dominate within their profession. Through our guidance and direction, we're helping people effectively identify organizational challenges to reach goals they didn't think were possible.

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Kwame Simmons, Sr., the founder of The Simmons Advantage
Transform your organization through powerful professional training

The selection and capacity development of an organization's human resources is one of the single most crucial investments a company can make. Our professional training services will help you identify people that are more clear-cut and aligned to your company vision.

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