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Brand Protection with Organization Change Management in Detroit
May 25, 2021 at 11:00 PM
Strategizing during organization change management in Detroit.

Businesses in fast-paced environments such as Detroit face a significant challenge when undergoing organizational change. In addition to mobilizing all the resources internal restructuring requires, leaders must manage a brand that is under scrutiny.

The Simmons Advantage provides organization change management in Detroit to help businesses maintain stakeholder confidence in times of change, protecting the brand by extension. Now in a position to leverage the undertaking for branding purposes, a business can look beyond protection and management.

Indeed, ending the transformation with a stronger brand than before becomes an achievable goal.

Our experience in helping brands make meaningful change, now spanning over 20 years, tells us that these three are the most crucial levers:

#1: Communicate ongoing stability and address key stakeholder concerns

Following news of organizational change, the key concern tends to be whether the business can re-establish stability. The need to demonstrate the capacity for maintaining stability is yet more crucial when considering cautious investors and customers at risk of losing connection with the brand.

Business-to-customer companies often need to run parallel communications campaigns in response to this need. These include:

  • Reassuring existing customers that the core brand values they admire will not change
  • Winning the trust of suppliers, distributors, and other players within the value chain
  • Explaining to investors how the business will undergo transformation while protecting investor value

For a brand that was struggling with operational or performance issues ahead of the transformation, the focus should be on explaining a new strategic position. Brands, therefore, must display how the initiative poises them to overcome those issues.

#2: Demonstrate enhancements to the value proposition that the transformation initiative yields

While as a leader you must seek to show existing customers stability, you only tap market share expansion opportunities when you demonstrate how the brand is repositioned to offer increased value.

If the organizational change process affects customer service, time-to-value, or pricing, the company can use that customer-facing advantage as an addition to its branding.

In this way, the brand can maintain control of the narrative surrounding the transformation, ensuring that the positives feature in the conversation.

One application for this with organization change management in Detroit is reeling back lapsed customers.

Especially when the change addresses a longstanding pain point that might have caused a customer segment to disengage, stressing that point creates an opportunity to win back lost ground.

Organizations can apply the same strategy to the brand, contrasting new product features and efficiencies with alternatives.

The model’s versatility is such that it can be applied to fundraising communications for businesses courting investors.

#3: Maintain operating capacity throughout change initiatives

Effective brand protection and strengthening are only successful when underpinned by uninterrupted service delivery. Whether assurances of stability or promises of new value, audiences are only receptive to your brand when it delivers.

Brands in the process of transformation have the opportunity to display transparency to customers. Updating stakeholders throughout the initiative demonstrates thoughtfulness on the part of the brand. Even long after the transformation, consumers are likely to remember the show of character.

Similarly, businesses should ensure sufficient resources for rolling out changes smoothly, as well as communication plans for addressing unexpected disruptions.

Organizations with larger budgets can even invest in marketing campaigns to achieve customer buy-in.

The Simmons Advantage addresses this problem with workforce development to increase capacity, unlocking bandwidth for seamless service as internal structures change.

Achieve a stronger and more resilient brand with organization change management in Detroit

The Simmons Advantage carries over 20 years of experience supporting businesses with executing organizational transformation, equipping businesses with creativity, agility, and resilience.

Get in touch with us today to learn how your brand, like others we have worked with, can complete its transformation with a stronger brand.

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