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Disability Consulting Firms: 3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use One
September 7, 2022 at 6:00 PM
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Did you know that roughly 1 in 4 Americans has a disability? While the types of disabilities they have can vary considerably, there's one thing they all have in common: they all have unique skills, talents, and experience to offer your workplace. 

If you're looking to improve the diversity of your workforce, then you're probably considering hiring more disabled employees. How, though, do you ensure you're providing the right environment for these employees to reach their fullest potential? Well, hiring a disability consulting firm is a great place to start. Here are three ways that disability consulting firms can help your business thrive.

What Is a Disability Consulting Firm?

A disability consulting firm is a business with two key goals in mind:

  • helping disabled individuals feel supported in the workplace; and 
  • advising leaders on how to build a more inclusive culture where disabled people can succeed. 

When you work with a disability consultant, they will identify potential accessibility issues within your company and suggest ways you might break down these barriers. They'll provide you with the insight you need to improve employee training, modify your company's working arrangements, and attract a more diverse talent pool to your business. 

Do you really need to partner with a specialist firm, though, or can you improve your firm's accessibility without external support? While you might be considering going it alone, here are three reasons why it pays to hire a disability consulting firm.

1. Enhance Your Hiring Processes

An employee's journey with your company begins before they even start their first day. Disabled individuals often require additional support to move through the hiring process, and a specialist consultant will help ensure your pathways are set up to attract a diverse range of talented people. They'll work with you to ensure these potential employees feel welcomed and make meaningful contributions to your company from day one.

2. Boost Your Retention Rate

If employees feel valued, they're more likely to stay. They're driven to work at their fullest potential, and your company will benefit from their skills and insights for longer. A disability consultant can ensure your disabled employees have the autonomy they need to develop, innovate, and progress within your company. What's more, they'll help you identify early indicators of low morale or frustration among your existing workforce so you can quickly remedy the situation and retain these valuable employees. 

3. Improve Your Workforce Development

Every individual deserves the chance to thrive, so it's crucial that you invest in your teams and supply your employees with the training and tools they require to succeed. As disabled individuals may have more complex training needs, a specialist consultant will help you effectively meet your obligations to these employees so they can grow their skills, and they'll help your business flourish as efficiently as possible.   

Disability Consulting Services – The Simmons Advantage

Disability consultants can give you the direction you need to diversify your workforce, improve your talent pool, and achieve goals you didn't think possible. At The Simmons Advantage, we're committed to helping leaders like you achieve your commercial objectives by finding ways to empower your workers and break down accessibility barriers. With our guidance, you can watch your business grow. Reach out to us to schedule a consultation.

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