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Job Skills Training For Employees With Disabilities
June 27, 2022 at 7:00 AM
Job Skills Training For Employees With Disabilities

There are a lot of reasons to include people with disabilities (PwDs) on your team. According to the Government of Michigan, there are many employees with disabilities ready to bring their loyalty, motivation, and work ethic to their future workplaces. But in order to set them up for success, you need to provide them with the proper training.

Hiring PwDs benefits the entire community, and studies have shown that customers appreciate businesses that hire inclusively. So, what job skills training can you include to support your team of diverse employees?

Here are some of the job skills training options available for businesses in Michigan and beyond. Keep reading to find accessible programs and changes you can implement to support your team for maximum productivity and success.

Sensitivity and Awareness Training

The United States Business Leadership Network provides a checklist of everything an employer should consider for creating a workplace that includes and supports PwDs.

Included in this list is the necessity of sensitivity and awareness training. Hiring managers, recruiters, and team leaders should be trained in disability awareness. Awareness and sensitivity should also be included in inclusivity training modules for general employees.

In addition, accessibility training should be provided to IT support and development teams, so that all technology and tech support is accessible to your workers with disabilities.

Leadership training

The same list also necessitates access to leadership training for PwDs. All employees should have equal consideration for leadership positions, which means that leadership training modules should be available and created with accessibility in mind.

When you set your employees with disabilities up for success in leadership, you create an environment where your future employees feel inspired and motivated to seek similar success in your company.

Making Job Skills Training Accessible

All employees undergo onboarding training when they are hired by your company. Support your employees with disabilities by making these modules accessible for everyone.

All onboarding and training modules required for general employees should have accessibility options, including closed captioning on videos, sign language interpreters for live events, and accessible on-site training locations.

If you neglect to make accessibility modifications to your existing onboarding training, you run the risk of setting up your new employees for failure.

Case Study: AMC

If you’re thinking about implementing an inclusive job skills training initiative at your business, you may be looking for examples of how others are succeeding.

Many companies around the US are finding tremendous success by including people with disabilities in their workforce. Such companies include UPS, Starbucks, Lowes, Microsoft, and AMC.

AMC employs 8000 workers in the US, and their FOCUS program empowers managers at their theaters to create accessible hiring and training processes for their employees with disabilities. Since the launch of the program, the number of employees with disabilities at AMC has doubled.

The program works to improve access to employment by identifying and eliminating obstacles. They collaborate with the Autism Society, academics, employment specialists, transition experts, and vocational rehabilitation agencies to create employment opportunities in their communities.

A few of the elements that make the FOCUS program unique include “traveling” interview options, accessible training timelines, modified application options, and modified job aids.

AMC’s FOCUS program is just one of many examples of how accessibility in the workplace creates opportunities for the company’s overall success.

Job Skills Training for Disabled Employees with The Simmons Advantage

The Simmons Advantage is here to help your team foster an inclusive and empowering environment for all workers. Check out our approach to get a better idea of what we do or schedule a consultation with one of our specialists.

We can support your team in the development of inclusive job skills training programs for your employees with disabilities.

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