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How to Choose a Management Consulting Firm in Michigan
April 25, 2022 at 10:30 PM
Image of a company meeting a management consulting firm in Michigan.

It’s a given that at some point, every company will need to reach out to a management consulting firm, either to overcome an expected challenge or to develop strategies for achieving their goals. Working with consultants is one of the best ways to maintain a dynamic organization capable of adapting to challenging markets. But if consultants don’t bring expertise in the areas you need, your business will waste time and resources. Here’s how to choose a management consulting firm in Michigan.

Define your objectives for transformation

It’s not uncommon to know that a change needs to happen in your organization but not be sure exactly what that change will address. Bringing on a consultant without knowing the transformation you want, you’ll likely get frustrated with the process or waste time and resources honing in on your objectives.

Before looking for a management consulting firm in Michigan, meet with your leadership to define your organization’s short and long-term objectives.

  • Do you want more effective leadership?
  • Are you trying to build a talent pipeline for more effective recruiting?
  • Do you want to cultivate more adaptive leadership?

Also, consider who the consultant will work with; is it just the C-suite or leadership throughout the organization? Then, establish how much time management will spend working with consultants each week or month, so you have clear expectations and goals.

Consider the expertise and experience of the consulting firm

As a small business trying to expand market share, working with a management consulting firm whose past clients are Fortune 500 companies doesn’t make sense. Not every consultant brings the same skills and insight to their clients.

You want a consultant with a breadth of experience that includes helping past clients achieve goals similar to yours. Still, you also want someone familiar with your company’s starting point. A consulting firm that mainly works with companies that are significantly larger or smaller than yours may not be able to offer relevant guidance.

Learn their approach to management development

What is it that you want from working with a consultant? Is it someone to partner with your organization and work with management cooperatively to generate change? Or would you prefer someone to make incisive decisions and issue orders to spark fast transformation?

The Simmons Advantage uses dynamic learning opportunities to teach companies to cultivate talent within their organization. We partner with companies to leverage the existing strengths of their company to tackle present and future challenges.

Ask about their past results

A successful management consulting firm should have a long track record of concrete examples they can reference when meeting with potential clients. Ideally, they’ll have previous experience with companies in similar industries or of the same size that faced the same challenges as your organization.

The Simmons Advantage brings an approach that transcends industries and focuses on cultivating diversity, equity, and inclusion within an organization. Companies where employees feel engaged, valued, and able to bring their whole selves to their job not only improve an organization’s bottom line but become more responsive to challenges and adaptive to dynamic markets.

Group of blank sticky notes on a desk with a sharpie marker

Contact The Simmons Advantage to work with a dynamic, dedicated management consulting firm in Michigan.

The consultants with The Simmons Advantage bring decades of experience in transforming schools and districts through dynamic learning opportunities. That same insightful approach is now available to enterprises throughout Michigan interested in cultivating diversity, equity, and inclusion within their organization. We bring a unique understanding of how facing challenges manifest development and growth within a company. Our guidance and direction enable people to bring their whole selves to an organization so their company can achieve even the most ambitious goals.

Reach out to The Simmons Advantage team to work with a DEI-focused management consulting firm in Michigan.

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