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An overview of The Simmons Advantage’s products & services
January 28, 2021 at 11:00 PM
With The Simmons Advantage, your entire organization will perfectly equipped to cope with any change they face!

At The Simmons Advantage, we believe that every employee deserves the opportunity and support to prosper and meet their potential. And, too often, organizations don’t provide these opportunities, especially to those with disabilities.

We have an acute understanding of business changes and transformations. And, more importantly, we fully understand the challenges of adapting to new business environments, and developing and thriving within them. Here’s what we do:

Our mission

Through guidance and direction, The Simmons Advantage assists employees in identifying and adapting to key organizational changes and challenges so that they can reach heights they never thought were possible! We believe that investing in human resources is the lynchpin of this process.

Providing training services, especially to those with disabilities, allows your company to identify those more aligned with your company vision, and it allows you to cultivate a culture of growth and support. Because, the truth is, everyone needs help sometimes. It’s essential to support your employees’ success so they can support your success.

Here are the services we offer:

Training for organizational change

At The Simmons Advantage, we challenge our partner organizations through the prism of adaptive leadership. This enables them to duplicate critical skills and behaviors that optimize the strength, capacity and creativity within their organization to solve essential problems.

This is imperative because quality training for organizational change reduces fear and negativity among the workforce. And, just as importantly, it stops detrimental rumors from proliferating. We ensure that managers are ready to support their teams so that they can acclimate and feel secure in their new working environment.

But, more importantly, we ensure that employees have a chance to flourish, especially those with disabilities. And, by doing all this, we help establish a culture that perceives change as a positive thing, which goes a long way.

Leadership development

At The Simmons Advantage, we understand that leadership development is critical for the long-term success of your organization. So we help develop and maintain the necessary conduit of team members that will ensure that your business will thrive.

And, most importantly, this ensures your leadership will be equipped with the ability to crush their own goals, as well as the ability to support their team, especially those with disabilities, to crush theirs.

This is crucial because it maximizes employee engagement and satisfaction, and it enables the leaders in your organization to manage gaps in talent and maximize what they can get out of their employees.

Ultimately, this reduces the cost of turnover, and it enables you to supply your employees, especially those with disabilities, with the support they need to optimize their talents and skills.

Workforce development

At The Simmons Advantage, we also believe workforce development is essential for your business’ or organization’s long-term success. However, this focuses more on individual ability to grow and develop the skills and tools your employees need to thrive and succeed.

Our workforce development services provide the support to ensure your employees, especially those with disabilities, can meet their individual potential.

The ability to exceed even their own expectations will result in a more productive, prosperous, and satisfied workforce. This benefits both the employer and the employee.

Get in touch to start your transformation

We at The Simmons Advantage have been committed to this for years, and we ensure you that we can help transform your organization and help your employees adapt seamlessly and happily. This is vital because the only way to get ahead is to adapt. And it’s absolutely essential to have everyone on board.

Contact us now to get started! Changing now means putting yourself ahead.

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